I am a portrait photographer based in Redmond, just east of Seattle, WA. I began as a nature and wildlife photographer and if you follow my blog, you'll see that I am passionate about wildlife and kindness toward animals.

I enjoy capturing the "moments between the moments." It's rewarding for me to catch a giggle or a candid interaction that evokes emotion and tells a story with a single image, so it was natural for me to want to expand the sibling interactions and relationships I enjoyed photographing so much, which led me to high school seniors. Here's a fun fact: I've photographed more senior boys than girls. I don't know why, it's just worked out that way. Seniors are fun and keep me on my toes. There's always so much to talk about during a session, what their goals and dreams are, what college they hope to attend, their favorite television shows, music or movies and I enjoy every minute of it.  

Boudoir photography entered picture for me about seven years ago after having gone through some big changes in my life (some awesome and some not so much.) It was during this time that I learned I'm so much stronger than I ever thought and I wanted to find a way to incorporate my love of photography in a way that would translate and encourage women to realize their strengths too. Its empowering to find something deep within yourself that you didn't realize was there.

I set about finding my unique style of boudoir, which (for me) is not about being naked in front of the camera. You can be just as alluring and feminine wearing jeans and a tank, an oversize cable knit sweater, your favorite lingerie or that dress in your closet; you know the one that catches your eye, but rarely have an opportunity to wear? That's the one to bring to your session. Every woman has a different reason for wanting to book a boudoir session. It may be as a gift for someone special or they've recently gone through body changes, perhaps have undergone a procedure (or are about to) or simply want to preserve this moment in time. I am overjoyed when I hear, "Is that really me?" It can be a life changing experience to have tasteful and beautiful images of yourself and it's a service I am thrilled to provide!

My photographs have been published in Distinctive Homes magazine, Net Author's E2K: A Journal for the New Literary Paradigm, "Breathing Space" on O, The Oprah magazine website and Nature Photographer magazine where I was a Field Contributor for three-years.



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